Gear Up for Winter

A Massachusetts winter brings below-freezing temperatures and puts children without adequate protection at risk for cold weather illness and injury. For thousands of local children living in poverty, staying warm is a struggle indoors and outside.

You can help Cradles to Crayons support 32,500 children with coats, hats, and other warm essentials before the temperatures drop.

When you donate warm winter gear or provide financial support, you can be sure that more children in need in our local communities will face the winter with security instead of struggle.


Winter. Let’s take a moment to remember winter. Even when we’re bundled up we feel how sharp the coldness can be—icy fingers, frozen toes, runny noses. But picture this: there is a foot of snow, it’s 20 degrees, and you have to wait for the bus when you only have one light jacket to cover two layers of too-small shirts. Your sleeves don’t cover your wrists, you don’t have gloves, your shoes aren’t waterproof—and all the clothes that you have layered on are all that you have. That is reality for the thousands of children we will serve.

The Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care states that children need several layers of warm clothing, something to cover the face and mouth, and a water-resistant coat and shoes to stay protected from the cold. Right now, more than 300,000 children in The Commonwealth are living in low-income and homeless situations and they will face winter without the essentials required for safety.

Focused on preparedness, Cradles to Crayons’ Gear Up for Winter program distributes warm winter essentials to the families who need them most before the situation becomes an emergency. By giving our Nonprofit Social Service Partners access to coats, hats, clothing, and more starting in October, we can make sure that there are fewer kids without the right protection when conditions bring threats of frostbite and hypothermia. As the winter continues, demand will grow, emergency orders will increase, and we will continue to provide customized winter packages to fulfill our Partners’ requests.


Email us for more information about our Gear Up for Winter program, which runs until the Spring, or call 617-779-4700.