Give Back With An Outfit Pack

The Need: We will receive orders for a week’s worth of matched outfits for thousands of individual boys and girls this year. For example, Anya is 6 years old and recently arrived at a shelter with her mother because her home was not safe. Because they had to leave in a hurry, Anya arrived with only the clothes on her back. The shelter provided her with a change of clothes but not enough to last a week. Anya was embarrassed when she had to wear the same shirt to kindergarten all week. Cradles to Crayons was able to provide Anya with a comprehensive package that included a week's worth of clothing which raised her self-esteem.

Contents of an Outfit Pack

Your Impact: You can make a difference for Anya and other local boys and girls this winter with your Outfit Pack. Outfit Packs are one part of a comprehensive package we put together for children that may also include books, toys, shoes, and cold weather essentials like a warm coat, boots, pants, a hat, and gloves.

Ideas: Make this a shopping trip with your kids and a discussion about giving back. Make it a competition at work to see who can find the cutest outfits or help the most children. Or do it on your own by adding extra items to your shopping cart at your favorite retailer (or e-tailer and ship the items directly to Cradles to Crayons). It’s a fun and meaningful way to spread the joy of the holidays. For more information on Give Back with an Outfit Pack, click here for an informational flyer.

Below please find individual shopping lists for children Cradles to Crayons will serve:

Boy, Age 5Boy, Age 7Boy, Age 9Boy, Age 11
Girl, Age 2Girl, Age 4Girl, Age 5Girl, Age 7

If your organization or group would like to purchase Outfit Packs for multiple children, please find a collection of shopping lists here: Shopping lists for organizations or groups

Give Back with an Outfit Pack Resources: