Family Assistance

Does your family need assistance?

How We Work: In order to help children and families in the most effective way possible, Cradles to Crayons® works directly with other organizations, which we call partner organizations.  This means that Cradles to Crayons does not work directly with families.  Our partner organizations include: school districts, community health centers, homeless shelters, state agencies, early intervention programs, head start programs and more.  (To see a more comprehensive list of partners in your city, please scroll down to the links below.)  In order to be eligible to partner with Cradles to Crayons, these organizations must serve families who meet our income eligibility guidelines of experiencing low-income and/or homelessness as well as work with families who have children between the ages of birth through age 12. Our partner organizations place orders online for specific children based on a needs assessment as well as their age, size, and unique situation.  Some of the items that Cradles to Crayons provides are: seasonally appropriate clothing, footwear, books, winter coats, hats and gloves, school & art supplies, baby items, and more.

Access to Services: Please take a moment to locate the appropriate link below, which will take you to a list of our current partners by geographic area. If you do not see your city listed, this means that our services are not available in your area at this time.  In order to be eligible to receive items from Cradles to Crayons you must be actively receiving services from one of our partner organizations.  You can access our services in two ways:

1) If your family is already receiving services from one of our listed partner organizations, inquire with your social worker or case manager about placing an order for items from Cradles to Crayons.

2) If you are not currently receiving services from one of our listed partner organizations, you will need to contact a partner agency about ordering on your behalf.

Our partner organizations have access to a Cradles to Crayons online account that they can access at their convenience.  Our partner organization staff are responsible for making an assessment of need for the families that they work with.  Access to receiving items from Cradles to Crayons is therefore at the partner’s discretion and is based upon each family’s individual needs.  In addition, our partners are responsible for both placing orders for the families they are working with, in addition, to transporting the items to their office’s location.  After the items arrive at the organization’s location, it is at the discretion of the partner to decide how those items will then be distributed to the families they are working with (i.e. if families need to go to the non-profit’s office to pick up the items, versus the items being delivered to the family’s home, etc.).  If you have questions about how the items from Cradles to Crayons will be distributed to your family, please follow up directly with the partner organization that you are working with.