Give the gift of warmth this winter

Now through the end of December, provide a child with a week’s worth of clothing by participating in our Give Back with an Outfit Pack program

The Need

With inflation and a rising cost of living, the families we serve are--now, more than ever--forced to choose between essentials for their children, and groceries, rent, and heat. An alarming number of families will struggle to secure basic clothing items for their children this winter. You can help them!

What it is

Participating in our Give Back with an Outfit Pack program gives you the power to complete either a full or half Outfit Pack to go to a child this winter. An Outfit Pack contains a week’s worth of clothing for a child, containing five shirts, four pairs of pants, and two sweaters.

How to Participate

1. Sign Up

Use the registration form on this page! You can register as an individual/family or as a community/corporate group to participate. This year, you can choose between completing a full Outfit Pack or half an Outfit Pack. If you have children’s clothing at home, let us know so we can match you with a similarly-sized child to receive your donations! After registering, you will receive your shopping tag with details via email within 3-5 business days. Note: the last day to sign up for a shopping tag is December 22.

2. Fill Your Pack

There are plenty of ways to fill your pack. You can shop online (check out the Amazon Wish List included on each tag), shop in person at your favorite store, or head to your closets and fill your pack with gently-used items.

3. Return Your Pack

Have you gathered all the items for your pack? Great! Please drop off your completed packs by January 1, 2023, at any of our drop-off locations, or ship them directly to our Giving Factory at 281 Newtonville Avenue, Newton, MA 02460. Please complete this survey with your tag number so we know the pack is on its way.

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Different Ways to Engage

Participating as a Family/Individual

Think about the spare clothing you have at home or have outgrown. Sign up for a tag in that size and gender and receive a tag for a child in that same size.

Participating as a Community Group

Sign up to receive multiple shopping tags and hang them in your group’s common space. Community members can take a tag or two and complete it with new or gently used clothing. At the end of your collection period, drop off all your tags and completed packs at The Giving Factory or at one of our drop-off locations.

Participating as a Corporate Group

Use this program as a team-building activity. Sign up for a child or two and split the items on the list across the team so everyone is responsible to find an item or two. Have teammates take to the store together or shop online to create a cohesive outfit.


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