Give Back with an Outfit Pack

Add a child in need to your shopping list.

The Give Back with an Outfit Pack program lets you and your family, friends, and colleagues go shopping for desperately needed winter layers that will go directly to local children in need.

The Need

92% of the requests Cradles to Crayons® will receive this winter include an order for an Outfit Pack—a week’s worth of new clothing.
Each winter, we see a sharp rise in demand for our services—in fact, requests for our assistance can double to more than 1,400 per week. For families already stretching budgets to pay for rent, heat, and groceries, providing all the essentials is often not an option.

Jessica and Brian’s Story

Jessica, 8 years old, and Brian, 10 years old, live with their single mother who works a full time job and is head of the household. She struggles to cover all the expenses plus buy clothes for her children—Jessica and Brian often have to wear shorts and skirts to school on cold winter days. Cradles to Crayons was able to provide both children with a comprehensive outfit pack that included a week’s worth of warm sweaters, pants, shirts, and pajamas. After receiving their KidPacks, Brian and Jessica’s mother said, “Meeting my children’s physical and emotional needs is what worries me the most. Today, I see both needs met and I am very thankful.”

Your Impact

The Give Back with an Outfit Pack program lets you and your family, friends, and colleagues have a direct and immediate impact on local children by shopping for desperately needed winter layers in our most needed sizes. Each complete Outfit Pack donated will dress one child for an entire week.

Getting Started

Below are individual shopping lists for children Cradles to Crayons will serve. These lists reflect our most requested sizes. Click on an image below to download your shopping list. Shop at a participating Old Navy location and you’ll get $10 off your purchase of $50 or more! A coupon is included in each shopping list below:

Get Everyone Involved

  • Shop with your children and talk about giving back. Or do it on your own by adding extra items to your shopping cart at your favorite retailer. Click here for more information for families and individuals.
  • Host a seasonal party and ask guests to bring an item to build an Outfit Pack (or two)!
  • Challenge your coworkers to see who can find the cutest outfits or help the most children. Click here for more information for corporations or groups.
  • Shop Online and use our Amazon Wishlist to quickly and conveniently ship items directly to the Giving Factory®.

Delivering Completed Packs

Completed Outfit packs can be dropped off at Cradles to Crayons Giving Factory in Brighton, one of our many drop-off locations, or at your local Old Navy. If you choose one of our drop-off locations, please let Olivia know at

Shop online using our Amazon Wishlist or at your retail company of choice and ship your purchases directly to: 

Cradles to Crayons


c/o Olivia Davis Wilson

155 North Beacon St.

Brighton, MA 02135

More Ways to Donate Goods

Tax Receipt

All donations of children’s items are fully tax deductible – and we make it easy to get your receipt! Just fill out our simple online form and check your email. That’s it!

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