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One in Three Children across Chicagoland Live in Poverty

“Thank you Cradles to Crayons for making my every day easier” ~ Jose A.

Meet Jose: 

It was a windy spring morning, and Jose did as he always did since the start of the school year; he got up, got dressed, ate breakfast, and made a dash for the door on his way to school to get there early enough to hide his jacket from his classmates. You see, Jose was embarrassed he had to wear his mom’s coat to school every morning and to keep from being teased, that was his daily routine. Imagine having to worry about this every day because you didn’t have a jacket of your own. 

Unfortunately, stories like Jose’s is increasingly common in our community, but Cradles to Crayons is committed to helping the many children who lack the basic essentials, and with that, this year we plan to reach 60,000 additional kids just like Jose through our unique KidPack program. Cradles to Crayons introduces the Child Champion program – deepening the impact of support to our mission while helping to launch a child’s fullest potential. 

When you give monthly to Cradles to Crayons, you’re joining forces with a growing number of individuals in the Chicagoland area who share our commitment to overcoming the impact of poverty on children. A recurring gift starting at just $3 a month to upwards of $500 helps us to continue to provide a child with some of the most basic everyday essentials they need. As a Child Champion, not only is your impactful donation appreciated, it is rewarded. Depending on the level in which you give, you get to enjoy the perks of being a part of our Cradles to Crayons family in the most meaningful way. See full details on membership levels below.  

Thank you for your commitment to local children in need. For questions, please contact Ayanna Armstrong: aarmstrong@cradlestocrayons.org or 312.971.2966

Child Champion Membership Benefits  >

Sign up at your comfortability level, see your impact and enjoy some cool perks. It’s that simple. 

Start Championing the Cause Socially >

Make childhood poverty a trending topic on social media by getting your family, friends, and colleagues involved, and eventually getting them to act in the cause.  

Fund The Cause

Financial support from individuals, families, businesses, and foundations sustains our work year-round. From a small recurring gift of just $3 a month to larger gifts of $100, $250 or $500 enables us to impact the lives of children who need the most basic essentials everyday to feel like any other kid. With this in mind, we made it very easy to contribute to the campaign based on your budget. Likewise, we offer various ways to donate children’s items at The Giving Factory warehouse for distribution to the children and families we serve.

Donate Goods

A seasonally appropriate coat. A pair of shoes that fit. School supplies and books. Developmental toys. These are just some of the items a child living in poverty desperately needs. We’re looking for high-quality new and like-new items you are able donate — for children newborn through age 12. Help us stock The Giving Factory warehouse, either through your direct donations or by organizing a collection drive at home or at work.


We work with families, individuals, community groups, and corporate volunteers in our Giving Factory in Chicago and at community-based events to serve thousands of children every year. Depending on your membership level as a Child Champion, you get exclusive access to weekends and special volunteer shifts. Email Ayanna Armstrong to schedule your next shift for you and your family. 

Thank You Recognition

Child Champion Rock-Stars!