Cradles to Crayons Bank of America Chicago Marathon Team 2022

Help a local child today!

Team Cradles to Crayons brings together runners of all ages and abilities in support of our mission to provide children experiencing homelessness and poverty the everyday essentials they need to thrive. 

Team Cradles to Crayons prepares runners for success in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon while also providing a rewarding charitable-giving experience.

We are here to support our runners throughout their training period leading up to the marathon. During this time, our runners will receive: 

  • Training plan with scheduled group runs
  • Cradles to Crayons race day t-shirt
  • E-Newsletter with resources and team-building opportunities
  • Cradles to Crayons Facebook Group to share experiences, tips, and inspiration
  • Pre-Race Pasta Party to load up on those needed carbs! 
  • Post-Race Celebration Event 


Our Accountability

For 13 years and counting, Cradles to Crayons has earned Charity Navigator’s highest rating of four stars, certifying our commitment to accountability, transparency and responsible fiscal management. Your gift to Cradles to Crayons, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Additionally, please see our Privacy Policy and Donor Privacy Policy for more information.

Donations by Mail

If you would like to donate by mail, please send your check to:

Cradles to Crayons
Attn: Bank of America Chicago Marathon Team
4141 W George Street
Chicago, IL 60641

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the donation form or the donation process, please contact us at (312) 767-1008 or email info@cradlestocrayons.org.

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