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Teen Leadership Corps

A Cohort of Young Community Organizers

The purpose of the TLC program is to give high school students the tools they need to design their own campaign and advocate for issues affecting childhood poverty.

The curriculum will allow participants to further unpack their experiences with Cradles to Crayons by undertaking a root-cause analysis of the issue of children’s poverty and it’s consequences.

Activities are focused on leadership and teambuilding, critical thinking, and community organizing. Students will identify three goals they want to take action on.

TLC Core Principle

Young people are capable of acquiring the tools, skills, and resources they need to understand and change inequities.

About the Teen Leadership Corps (TLC)

All students who are in 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade are invited to apply to be a Teen Leader. TLC participants will:

  • The program runs from July 1st to August 7th with a weekly commitment of 16-20 hours. We meet virtually once a week for 2 hours on Thursdays from 10:00AM-12:00PM. Teen Leaders will be in person at the Giving Factory for about 14-18 hours given the weekly schedule they select. Check your calendar prior to applying and reserve these dates until you are informed of your application status.
  • Participate in leadership training, explore issues in their communities, develop community organizing skills, and coordinate events to educate their peers. Students will come to listen to and appreciate one another’s experiences, perspectives, and ideas. They learn to identify shared problems and common goals
  • Develop confidence and leadership skills.
  • Learn how to design their own campaigns and advocate around issues of their choice. TLC participants will learn to continue to fight for what they believe in.
  • Develop agency and future commitment to community service and social responsibility.


If you have any questions about the Teen Leadership Corps, please email Yaritza Sandoval at ysandoval@cradlestocrayons.org. 

The Teen Leadership Corps application is open until 12 pm on Monday, May 10th. You will be contacted regarding a decision before May 14th. 

Click HERE to apply.