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More than 890,000 children in NYC under the age of 12 are currently at risk of Clothing Insecurity. Giving Factory Direct is here to help.

The Need in NYC

Children’s Clothing Insecurity: A Hidden Crisis

Basic needs don’t stop with food and housing—clothing, shoes, and school supplies are fundamental to a child’s social, emotional, and mental development.

Not having appropriate clothing harms a child’s health, safety, and self-esteem, factors known to impact a child’s academic performance and long-term success. Without adequate and appropriate clothing, children face unfair barriers and participate in life on an unequal playing field.


More than

children live in
deep poverty.


More than

children sleep in emergency shelters each night.

How Giving Factory Direct Meets the Need

Giving Factory Direct is leading the way in NYC by filling this unrecognized and critical gap in support services.

Giving Factory Direct is an innovative, new clothing donation program to support children facing Clothing Insecurity in our communities. You and your family donate clothes from the comfort of your home directly to a child who needs them. Donate either high-quality, gently used clothing you already have or buy brand new clothes.

Our Impact:

“Some children were wearing hand me downs from their family members that were a little worn. While still functional, some families feel a little embarrassed about the state of their children’s clothes and some are too shy to ask for help. Having these available to families allow parents and children the opportunity to take pride in what they wear. During these economic times, the families do not have to worry about whether the jacket their child is wearing will hold out until the end of the season. This is taking one thing off their minds. Every little bit helps.” ​

-Service Partner, University Settlement Early Childhood Center, NYC

“My family would love to thank you for lifting one of many burdens from our shoulders. My kids adore the clothing selections.”

-Family at University Settlement EHS ENY, NYC Service Partner

“On any given day we serve 5,000 homeless individuals, more than half of whom are children. A nurturing environment is critical towards creating a platform for emotional healing and growth at this formative time in their lives. Each child deserves to feel cared for, and providing clean, well-fitted clothing is integral to boosting a child’s confidence as they navigate the world. Giving Factory Direct makes this possible.”

     -Women In Need, NYC Service Partner

How You Can Help

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Fund the Cause

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