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Poverty in Philadelphia

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Philadelphia has the highest poverty rate among the nation’s ten largest cities. Nearly one in four Philadelphians, including 130,000 children, live in poverty.

But statistics don’t get to the heart of what we do. We help kids in poverty: kids who don’t have shoes that fit, or a coat warm enough to fend off winter winds, or a backpack to take their books and supplies to and from school. When kids don’t have these basics, they suffer. They have a hard time learning in school. They don’t feel valued. Since 2007, Cradles to Crayons has stepped up to fill this need in Philadelphia.

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A look at some of the lives we touch. In the words of Service Partners and families.

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Awards and Recognition

Recognition received in the course of our work. Humbly accepted and truly appreciated.

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A board at the giving factory that reads in magnet letters, "helping makes me happy".

Our Recognition

Since our founding, the Cradles to Crayons vision has been to create a future where childhood poverty no longer exists. To help make this a reality, we’ve adopted a mission to connect communities that have with communities that need. Every day, we provide children from birth through age 12 with the essentials they need to thrive — at home, school and play. Thanks to our amazing network of volunteers, families, corporate donors and service partners.

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