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C2C Quest for the Resilience Fund

May 12 – May 18

Become a Team Captain!

C2C Quest for the Resilience Fund is a multi-day, region-wide community experience, with a goal of raising awareness of C2C’s mission and impact while raising much-needed financial support. 

The event is structured as a virtual all-ages scavenger hunt, offering fun, friendly competition for teams working to successfully complete “missions” from their own homes & neighborhoods.

Teams will register in one of three divisions: Families, Community Groups, and Corporations.

Every COMMUNITY & CORPORATE team needs a Team Captain who will set up your team, serve as a key communicator for Cradles to Crayons & event info, and coordinate team responses to maximize points earned. 

Review the detailed information on this page to learn all about being a Team Captain, then sign up to get your team started!


The first step is to register yourself, choose a team name, then invite others to join you.

Get SET!

Ensure all team members have the app downloaded and game/team selected before the Opening Ceremony on May 12 @ 7pm.


Once the event begins, you will be responsible for coordinating team responses and collecting entries to submit for MULTIPLIER Missions to maximize your team’s points!

Please click on each header to read more so that you will be better prepared to support your team and have fun with C2C Quest:

Setting up your TEAM in Eventbrite:

As Team Captain, you will create a team name & password at the beginning of your own Eventbrite registration.

During your check-out process, you will be asked additional questions to tell us more about who will be playing along with you.  

Once your registration is complete, you will be given a unique link to a custom team page where you can write a special message inviting others to join your team. 

Here’s what the steps will look like:

Once you get to the Eventbrite page, click the green REGISTER button. To create your team, choose “as a team member.”

Next click “Create your team.”

Enter a Team name & password. You’ll share these so others can register as part of your team (so maybe don’t use your personal banking password 😉)

IMPORTANT:  If you start to register, but do not complete the checkout process, your team name WILL be stored. This will make it difficult for you to access your unique team message page to invite others, so please plan to complete all the registration questions in one sitting (it will only take 2-3 minutes.) If you must come back to start over, you can either choose a new team name or you can JOIN your existing team and complete your registration by choosing the Team Captain option. 
Also: if you get a red message that there is a problem with your team name, it may have already been chosen by someone else.
More info about the COMMUNITY Division:

This Division is ideal for clubs, school groups, faith-based organizations, troops, sports teams, extended families, neighborhoods, or any other multi-household group.

On a Community Team, each household acts as ONE team player.  For example: if your scout troop is participating in C2C Quest as a team, parents and siblings of each scout can help fulfill missions. 

Only ONE person needs to register per household.  No additional registration or donation is required for family members to assist or participate.  

This can be beneficial in a variety of ways. For example: some missions will require posting to social media that teens & younger children might not be able to complete on their own. Other missions will involve gathering children’s items to donate, so you’ll need some little ones who are ready to part with their stuff.  And many missions will just be easier to accomplish (and more fun!) if several family members work together.

Team MEMBER Registration:

Each unique household participating in C2C Quest will need to register on Eventbrite by making a donation to the Resilience Fund.

Only ONE member of each family needs to register, but all household members are eligible to play using the game app. 

Every household must register independently. For example: a club leader cannot register all club members as one household.

When your team members register, they will choose your team name from a drop-down list:

. . . then enter the password you have provided:

Registering with a Group DONATION:

If you, as Team Captain, would prefer to make ONE donation to the Resilience Fund on behalf of your organization, which would cover registration for all of your members, please contact us at familiesphiladelphia@cradlestocrayons.org.  We can help you with that process and provide a code for your team members to self-register without having to make separate individual donations.

Every team player household must still register independently on Eventbrite, but they will not need to make an additional donation. 

Important Notes About TEAM SIZE:

The ideal team size is FIVE households for the most fun and to allow everyone to actively participate. We strongly recommend limiting teams to fewer than TEN households. If your group has more members who would like to join, please consider registering multiple teams (ex: ABC Team1 and ABC Team 2) and dividing your group.

WHY???  During game play, once a mission is accomplished and submitted for points, it is no longer available for other team members to complete. C2C Quest is a competition, but it’s also supposed to be fun for everyone, so we want all participants to have lots of chances to play along. A consistent team size will also keep the competition fair & more enjoyable.

Plus, we’re counting on this event to help promote Cradles to Crayons on social media & in local communities, and to bring in lots of donations of quality-checked children’s items and financial support, too.  In order for this to be successful, we’re relying on many small teams to complete many sharing missions.

C2C staff can help divide your group if you have too many players for one team. Email familiesphiladelphia@cradlestocrayons.org if you have additional questions about team size.

Get Ready to PLAY:

Once you have created a team, Cradles to Crayons will add your team name to our game platform. You will be notified within 1-2 days of registering as Team Captain that your team is set up within our app.

After your team members have registered, they will need to download the C2C Quest app to their smartphones and sign in to your team. Detailed instructions for this will be emailed to you and to each registered team member. Be sure that all of your team members have registered via Eventbrite, have the app downloaded and game/team selected before the Opening Ceremony.

The app will be in a “waiting to start” status until the Opening Ceremony on May 12 @ 7:00pm.  

You can see screenshots of the app registration on our “How to Play” page.

Using the C2C Quest APP:

If you’d like to see how the game will actually work before you start inviting others, check out our “How to Play” page which includes screenshots and lots more detail.

Helping your team earn points: BONUS POINTS

When one member of your team submits evidence, that mission moves from “Remaining” to “Completed” and is no longer available for other team members to submit.

Make a plan together with your team to determine who is best suited for specific missions because BONUS points are awarded for costumes, props, and creativity. For example, if one of your team members happens to have a pirate hat and a pet parrot, that player might be the best choice to complete the “Shiver Me Timbers” mission! 

Some missions offer BONUS points for having the highest number of something submitted in a category, or for having more several members included in the activity, so make a plan and communicate with your team!

Helping your team earn points: TEAM MULTIPLIERS

TEAM MULTIPLIERS!  Many missions will have this important label in the description. If you see the Team Multiplier note, you are able to collect evidence from your team and upload a photo collage on behalf of the whole team. For example, the “C2C Scrapbook” mission asks players to upload a photo from a prior volunteer visit to the Giving Factory. Instead of just one player submitting a photo to complete the mission, you can have multiple team members text/email their photos to you so you can make a photo collage to upload (most smartphones have this feature). Be sure to add player names/initials in the comments, and you’ll earn points for EACH player photo (up to the maximum amount listed in the mission.)

Example of SINGLE FAMILY photo entry vs MULTI-FAMILY collage entry for Team Multiplier points:

Still have questions?

If you have a question that is not answered here, on the main C2C Quest page, or on the “How to Play” page, please email us at familiesphiladelphia@cradlestocrayons.org so we can help you.

During the game, you’ll be able to “Phone a Friend” and connect with C2C staff over zoom to ask questions.

Are you ready to join the C2C Quest and set up your team?