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Cradles to Crayons’ Resilience Fund to Support Local Families in Time of Need

April 16, 2021, BOSTON, MA—Cradles to Crayons® (C2C) has announced the launch of its 2021 Resilience Fund to directly assist families in Massachusetts recovering from the current health crisis. The local nonprofit organization is committed to being a steady and dependable resource for families and children in need, and the Fund intends to help heal the trauma felt by those most affected by the pandemic’s impact.

During times of crisis, injustice and income insecurity, families rely on C2C to provide resources for their children. Throughout the pandemic, C2C has seen an increase in urgent requests for essential items from across the state, as many parents are forced to decide between buying groceries, medicine, and other critical items. In fact, more than one in four children live in households struggling to pay rent, buy food, or pay for other expenses. The creation of the Resilience Fund is intended to directly address these issues while strengthening and empowering struggling families. This will allow C2C to acquire, process and distribute children’s essentials such as new diapers, face masks, and hygiene products to the hardest-hit families.

“I have been working with a mother who recently moved into a family shelter while pregnant. Thanks to Cradles to Crayons, we are able to provide her school age child with clothing for school, and also provide mom with clothes and diapers for her healthy newborn daughter, who was just delivered last week,” said a Service Partner, local to Boston. “We try our best to supply our families with any resources we can find, but it is often difficult to find a family what they need. This would not have been possible without Cradles to Crayons.”

“Spring is finally here, and with it comes the feeling of hope and renewal,” said Aubrey Conquergood, Executive Director of Cradles to Crayons Boston. “Although spirits are lifting and things are heading in the right direction, it will be a long and difficult road to recovery for the families we serve. We need to keep these children and families at the forefront of our collective philanthropy, and our Resilience Fund will help us provide basic essentials so that families can do more than survive—they can thrive.”

Those interested in donating to the Resilience Fund can do so by visiting Cradles to Crayons’ website here.

About Cradles to Crayons

Cradles to Crayons launched in Boston in 2002 and currently has operations in Boston, Philadelphia, and Chicago. The nonprofit provides children from birth through age 12 living in homeless or low-income situations with the essential items they need to thrive—at home, at school, and at play. They supply these items free of charge by engaging and connecting communities. Cradles to Crayons collects new and high-quality used children’s goods and engages thousands of youth and adults in volunteer activities each year on behalf of local children in need. For more information, visit www.cradlestocrayons.org/boston/.