The CBS Philadelphia news crew stopped by Cradles to Crayons new Giving Factory to discuss our recent move from the Philadelphia suburbs in West Conshohocken to the East Falls neighborhood of Philadelphia. During the segment Cradles to Crayons Philadelphia Executive Director Michal Smith spoke about the move which came in response to the demand for our services in the city of Philadelphia and the Greater Philadelphia Region.  The new warehouse is a 33 percent larger space where we aim to serve 33 percent more children,  increasing from 70,000 to 100,000 local children served annual;y. 

This Saturday Cradles to Crayons will celebrate it’s new Giving Factory grand opening. The event will feature a ribbon-cutting ceremony, tours of the new warehouse, light refreshments, fun activities and hands-on-service opportunities. All ages are welcome for this event. 

Click here to watch the full segment on CBS Philadelphia’s website.